Money sleuths like us, at Found Treasures, LLC., are true professionals. Our whole business is finding lost money for people just like you. So why use a pro if you can do it yourself? Well, if you want your taxes done properly, you hire an accountant, right? And if you want your unclaimed money search done properly, you utilize one of our professional money sleuths. We know where to look and how to get the best possible results. In fact, we currently locate more than 100 perfect matches—that’s a lost money claim with a perfect name and address match—every day!

You see, unlike database services that simply sell you monthly access to compiled government lists (lists which are free to research on your own), we are full-service money sleuths. We assign a professional asset recovery agent to your case and compile a detailed unclaimed money profile. We map out your relatives (genealogy), past addresses, work history and absolutely every piece of information that might lead to the discovery of unclaimed cash and other assets that could be hiding in any number of different places under any number of different names. 

We locate and recover for our clients, funds that are held by government agencies. Often, these funds have been turned over to the government by banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions, when an asset has been abandoned by its owner.

In many states, the time period for you to claim this money
can be

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